About Selce

South East London Community Energy (Selce) was born in 2014, when a group of people living in Greenwich & Lewisham became so concerned about climate change that they decided to come up with a formula that would help to create a clean and just energy future.

We began by increasing South-East London’s capacity for solar energy generation. To date we have installed community, member-owned solar panels on 11 schools, community buildings, churches and even a local hotel. Supplying power to the buildings they sit on, each year the arrays collectively generate 487,326 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity. Over the 20-year lifetime of our  project these installations will prevent nearly 7 million metric tons of carbon emissions and save the site owners more than £300,000.

For the past seven years we have used the surplus funds from our solar sites to support  local communities that are experiencing fuel poverty. We do this through energy advice, energy debt management, advocacy and education including:

  • running free energy advice phone, home visits and drop-in café services;
  • helping households access grant funding for home energy improvements;
  • organising workshops with voluntary sector organisations and carers;
  • training ‘energy champions’ to help empower their communities to make their homes more energy-efficient and understand the wider energy sector; and,
  • delivering time-limited, needs-based, projects in partnership with local authorities and organisations.

More recently, we have developed our expertise to help households, organisations and businesses make their homes more energy efficient through behaviour change, raising awareness of different available technologies and supporting their installation of solar arrays. We run three main programmes that respond to this need: LED-ing the way! and Future-Fit Homes programmes.

As an award-winning member of Community Energy England, Selce is proud to be part of a national network of community energy groups that are paving the way for a cleaner, fairer, brighter future.

Listen to Camilla Berens, Chair, speaking about the early days of Selce on the Activist Awakenings podcast (47 minute listen). 

Our Values

  • We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, clean energy.
  • Selce collaborates with local residents, businesses and organisations to develop financially, socially and environmentally sustainable projects that increase energy efficiency, produce locally-generated renewable energy and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future.
  • For this transition to be effective, we must focus on eradicating fuel poverty. Any surplus we generate from our community energy projects is ploughed back into initiatives that help people who are in danger of falling into the fuel poverty trap.

Our Aims

  • Generate renewable and affordable energy in South-East London that will mitigate climate change and accelerate the transition to zero-carbon, decentralised electricity systems.
  • Build an economically sustainable business model that has a core focus on social responsibility and affordable energy provision.
  • Provide tangible improvements to the financial situation of those living in fuel poverty in South-East London.
  • Give organisations that provide valued community services in South-East London access to affordable, renewable energy – thereby reducing the burden of escalating energy costs.
  • Support home-owners and businesses with knowledge, networks and financing to improve the health and environmental quality of their properties.
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