About us

Selce is part of a quiet revolution.

Since 2010, community groups all over the country have started to take a different approach when it comes  generating energy. The Community Energy England website reveals the huge benefits that these projects that not only generate their own energy but control how it is used as well.

To accelerate the transition to a sustainable future in SE London, we formed Selce as a co-operative for the benefit of the community.

Our founding objectives are:

  • developing community-owned renewable energy in SE London
  • reducing carbon emissions by providing advice on energy efficiency and installing energy-efficient products and services
  • developing practical measures to combat fuel poverty in our community through the provision of advice and related services
  • promoting public awareness of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability

Selce is the trading name of South East London Community Energy Ltd which is registered as a Community Benefit Society under the Co-operatives and Community Benefit Society Act 2014 (Society number 32417). It operates in accordance with the seven co-operative principles agreed by the International Co-operative Alliance.

Find out more about Cooperative values and principles here