Powering the energy transition in SE London

Solar power for SE London

We raise funds to increase the amount of green energy in our neighbourhoods. Our work reduces the cost of energy for people struggling to pay their energy bills and contributes to a cleaner, fairer energy future for everyone living in South East London.

Selce exists for the benefit of the community. Its directors have devoted hundreds of voluntary hours to increasing the momentum towards to a green energy future, bringing knowledge, solutions and the vision of a sustainable future to our communities.

We aim to green our local energy supply by increasing the community ownership of solar power and bringing the benefits of renewable energy, lower bills and green jobs to our neighbourhoods.

We have rasied over £500,000 for solar energy on the roofs of local buildings. We do this by raising money from dozens of individuals like you who want to invest in a cleaner, fairer future. We install the solar panels on the roofs of community buildings, such as primary schools, and then charge the users of these buildings a cheap rate for the energy generated. The users of the community buildings save money and we use the income for more projects and, in particular, initiatives to help people avoid fuel debt and make their homes more energy efficient.

Find out how you can become part of the community energy revolution. This short film explains how we fund our solar projects through ‘community share offers’:

  • Our solar sites: take a look at how local schools are saving money and enjoying clean energy from our solar projects
  • Solar for your community: find out how we can provide solar power for your school, business, church or leisure centre through our Future-Fit Homes programme
  • Invest in our next solar project (2021/2022): become a Selce investor and help us install more clean energy in SE London
  • Selce’s Solar Roller: hire our solar-powered generator and sound system for your outside community events

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