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If you run a community group or provide services and support for people who are likely to struggle to pay their energy bills and keep their homes warm, we would love to help you get the right kinds of information to your community.

It’s a sad fact that people who can least afford it, often pay more for their energy. In our 30-minute workshops we empower participants to:

  • better understand energy bills
  • what discounts are available 
  • understand healthy home temperatures
  • tips & tricks to keep bills low and manage fuel debt

We can follow our workshops with 1:1 energy advice and organise home visits for those who are home bound or would benefit from free energy efficiency measures.

Those most likely to benefit from our workshops are:

  • people over 60
  • young families
  • people with disabilities or long-term health conditions
  • people on a low income
  • front-line community workers who support people in or at-risk of fuel poverty

Contact if you would more information or a booking for training and workshops.

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