There are free things that you can do around your house to reduce the amount of energy that you pay for, but don’t use. We’re challenging you to make at least one change to deal with the sneaky little energy vampires that quietly suck pennies and pounds out of your bank account and ruin the atmosphere.

Taking a 4-minute shower daily can shave up to £78 off your bills.
Replacing one bath a week with a 4-minute shower can save £16.
Filling your kettle with only as much water as you need can reduce your annual bill by £11.
Turning off the lights when you leave a room can save up to £21.
Switch appliances off at the wall & avoid stand-by can reduce your energy costs by £54.
Run your dishwasher only when full and reducing its use by one run a week can save £14. If you hand wash, using a bowl can save you £21.
Washing clothes at 30C and reducing to one wash per week can save approximately £25.
Avoid using the tumble dryer and drying on a rack or outside can save up to £58.

There are also a few low-cost and easy-to-install measures for your home that can help reduce energy waste, cut your bills and keep you more comfortable in your home.

Replacing old bulbs with LEDs or CFCs can save up to £62 annually.
Draughtproofing windows and doors can block leaks and cracks and save you £103.
Insulating pipes and hot-water cylinders can reduce energy loss by £70.
Replacing your shower head with a low-flow one can save you over £50.
Placing radiator reflector foil behind your radiators can reduce heat loss through your walls, saving you £8.
Installing a kitchen aerator tap reduces your water consumption while saving you £25.
*Savings are annual and vary by household, dependent on energy usage and current per unit market rates. These prices are estimated based on a household of 2.4 people at Summer 2023 market rates.

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