Our Team

Selce exists for the benefit of the community. Its directors have devoted hundreds of voluntary hours to increasing the momentum towards to a green energy future, bringing knowledge, solutions and the vision of a sustainable future to our communities.

Founders & Board

Alex Hartley, Founder & Director
Alex Rowntree, Board Member
Anna Fairtlough, Board Member
Andrew Rendel, Board Member
Camilla Berens, Founder & Chair
Dermot Mckibben, Board Member
Jason Blanchard, Board Member
Kate Parker, Board Member
Nadia Smith, Sustainable Futures Manager
Stefano Casalotti (PhD) Board Member
Tauseef Anwar, Board Member
Tristan Owen, Board Member
Ying Man, Board Member

Senior Managers

Dr Giovanna Speciale, Founder & CEO
Katherin Garcia Rincon, Operations Manager
Nadia Smith, Sustainable Futures Manager
Zana Dean, Project Lead: Retrofit

Sustainable Futures Team

Amelia Kent, Outreach Officer
Axel Pugh, Solar Projects Coordinator
Chika Igwe, Retrofit Coordinator
David Masters, Retrofit Coordinator
Emily Nix, Research Coordinator
Hojee Man, Retrofit Assessor
James Bennett, Retrofit Projects Coordinator
Lawrence Chude, Project Officer
Mohamed Arab, Retrofit Assessor
Naveel Butt, Retrofit Assessor

Energy Advice Team

Bilqis Alam, Outreach Officer and Energy Advisor [Advice in Bengali]
Flavia Bertram, Outreach and Communications Lead
Gustavo Barata Leonardo, Energy Advisor [Advice in Portuguese]
Haqqa Butt, Energy Advisor [Advice in Urdu]
Michelle Gibb, Energy Advisor
Paul White, Energy Advisor
Rhodri Lewis, Energy Advisor
Samuel Rawbone, Energy Advisor
Sarah Amandes, Administrator
Simon Quamie, Community Heating Engineer
Steven Pinta, Energy Advisor [Advice in Spanish & Portuguese]
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