Powering the energy transition in SE London

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Staff Team

Bilqis Alam

Energy Advisor

Bilqis is a Sociology graduate who provides energy advice in English and Bengali. Bilqis believes small actions are the fundamentals of building a renewable and sustainable society. In addition to the training, Bilqis manages the administration at SELCE. She’s also passionate about yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Dominic Bercelli

Energy Advisor

Dominic is a master’s graduate in environmental architecture and energy studies. He provides energy advice to clients living in fuel poverty, and is a retrofit coordinator for large domestic projects. He has a keen interest in all aspects of sustainable living and has recently decided to eat vegan. In his spare time, Dominic likes watching and playing many sports including cycling, tennis, golf, and football, and he also owns a VW campervan and a vintage scooter.

Hamid R. Tavassoli

Program Lead

Hamid is a civil engineer with a PhD. in Water & Environmental Engineering. He has worked as an environmental consultant in the infrastructure sectors and was involved in promoting sustainable buildings in Iran. Hamid also founded and managed a successful tourism business and is now leading SELCE’s Greener Business Programme for Greenwich with the aim of helping the borough’s businesses to do their bit to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet.

Katherin Garcia

Energy Advice Manager

Katherin Garcia-Rincon is an environmental Management graduate from Kingston University and has also studied Environmental Management at the University Piloto of Colombia. She is passionate about sustainability and fighting against fuel poverty. Katherin is the Energy Advice Operations Manager at SELCE and is working with minority communities within London running projects such as energy cafes, workshops, and organising other events in English and Spanish. Katherin has also completed a masters in Energy and Environmental Change.

Nadia Smith

Sustainable Futures Manger

Nadia is CEE Young Champion 2019 coming to us with a wealth of experience from working with Community for Renewables CIC as a project coordinator, and the REA as a policy analyst where she engaged with industry and government to champion entrepreneurship and grow the renewable energy and clean tech sector. She runs our LEDing The Way! (LED lighting for community buildings) and Future Fit Homes (retrofit advice for homeowners) projects, and in her spare time likes drawing and outdoor activities.

David Masters

Energy Advisor

David works on both our Future Fit Homes, and Energy Advice programs, supporting people in understanding how they can make their homes greener, in addition to supporting clients in fuel poverty with managing and reducing their energy bills. He is also a qualified retrofit coordinator, assisting people through the full process of deep retrofit.

Giovanna Speciale

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Giovanna Speciale is a co-founder, CEO and Company Secretary of Selce. She worked in the community sector for 14 years whilst spending her free time participating in environmental activism as part of the road protest and climate justice movements often at the head of the activist samba band, Rhythms of Resistance.

After a stint managing an environmental community project and completing an MSc in energy policy, she used the financial freedom afforded her by living on a solar-powered boat on Deptford Creek to focus on volunteering to establish Selce. She led the delivery of Selce’s first and second share offers and installations and was one of the architects of our fuel poverty alleviation and energy efficiency initiatives.

Laura Romero


Laura is our administrator who keeps our office in order, in addition to supporting Katherin with energy advice in the spanish/latino community.

Titilope Adoye

Energy Advisor

Titilope is a chemical engineer, energy advisor, and renewable energy enthusiast. She works on both our energy advice team, giving advice in english and Yoruba, in addition to completing solar PV site surveys and modelling for schools and community buildings. She is experienced in climate change, carbon management, and energy efficiency. She loves to travel and is a social entrepreneur.

Yunus Emre Nas

Energy Advisor

Yunus is an Environmental Science graduate who is passionate about the environment and climate change. He provides energy advice in English and Turkish for fuel poor clients, and is also a Domestic Energy and Retrofit Assessor who can produce EPC’s and assess the conditions of homes. He is keen to put his experience, knowledge and skills to practice and make a positive impact within his local community and make London a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city. Yunus is also passionate about in sustainability, electric cars, and astrophotography.


Alex Hartley

Fuel poverty lead

Alex Hartley is a co-founder director of Selce and is one of the architects of our fuel poverty alleviation and energy efficiency initiatives. She has many years’ of experience managing sustainability initiatives at a senior level in business and the third sector.

She has developed programs to tackle fuel poverty and energy advice programs and is an engaging speaker and facilitator. She is passionate about ensuring people are at the center of the energy transition and believes that climate change and fuel poverty are both social justice issues and that they must be tackled together.

Anna Fairtlough

Social and Environmental Advocate

Anna Fairtlough worked locally as a social worker, manager and educator for twenty years before joining Goldsmiths University in 2001 as a social work lecturer. There she undertook teaching and research in social work, and developed new academic programs and courses, specialising in equalities and professional leadership. She is passionate about SELCE’s community-based, practical, and solution-focused approach to promoting climate justice and combatting fuel poverty. She joined the Future Fit Homes project as a pilot customer and as a member of the initial working group. She and her partner benefitted from one of the first energy efficiency audits. They have made some changes in their home to reduce their carbon emissions and want to do more. They hosted an energy efficiency ‘party’ to share successes and challenges in their retrofit journey. Anna hopes to bring her professional skills and experience and a ‘consumer perspective’ to the work of SELCE over the next few years.

Jason Blanchard

Asset Manager

Jason Graduated from the University of Exeter with an MEng in Renewable Energy Engineering.  Jason has a background in company and asset management of solar farms having been responsible for the technical operations over 45 MWp of community owned assets. His work at Communities for Renewables CIC, with over 15 community groups around the UK community energy groups led him to be awarded the first Community Energy England Young Champion Award in 2018 for recognition of his dedication to the community energy sector both professionally and in a voluntary capacity. Having spent 7 years living in Cornwall, Jason moved to the outskirts of London in 2019 where he became a member of the consultancy team at Isoenergy.

Nadia Smith

Project Manager

Nadia is our youngest board member, and CEE Young Champion 2019 coming to us with a wealth of experience from working with Community for Renewables CIC as a project coordinator, and the REA as a policy analyst where she engaged with industry and government to champion entrepreneurship and grow the renewable energy and clean tech sector. She was also a founding member of Dream Renewables – setting up a practical four-week course on renewable energy for school leavers in Ghana, where she led the week on business models and energy solutions for rural communities.

Andrew Rendel

Financial guru

Andrew Rendel is an investment manager in the cleantech and renewable energy sector. He has been working in the green finance sector for 10 years with investment experience ranging from early stage cutting edge technology firms through to large offshore wind farms.

Before that Andrew worked in the education and humanitarian relief sectors in both Sudan and South Sudan. He currently lives in Lewisham where his daughter has just started at one of the first schools SELCE deployed solar on.

Camilla Berens


Camilla is a journalist, environmental activist and co-founder of Selce. She has written for The Guardian, The Independent and the New Statesman on issues relating to climate change and protest movements.  She took part in the nationwide campaign against motorway expansion in the mid-1990s and later co-ordinated campaigns against aviation expansion  and ‘new nuclear’ energy. She has run Greenpeace’s Greenwich and Lewisham active supporters’ group for the past ten years and passionately believes that a safe, affordable energy future is possible without nuclear energy or fracking.

Louise Sunderland

Policy analyst

Louise is a researcher, advisor, and policy analyst who has worked on energy policy (particularly energy efficiency) for more than 12 years. She has particular expertise in energy use in buildings with a strong focus on the consumer and issues of equity in the clean energy transition. She currently works as a senior advisor to the Regulatory Assistance Project and is an external expert for the European Commission. before moving into the energy field, she spent her early career working in international development and community development.