Winter Lockdown Energy Advice

An update from the SELCE Team on our support during the second lockdown.

Since the first lockdown we have been reorganising ourselves here at SELCE in order to provide all our advice remotely, mainly by phone. Unfortunately this does mean less tea and cake is involved. We miss our energy cafes. But we’re still here to provide advice.
We’ve been keeping up to date with all the latest support that’s available and letting clients know about this, such as the government’s Green Homes Grant.
We have a bigger team of advisers this autumn and we’re adapting and expanding our work to do more advice with African and African-Caribbean diaspora communities, with Spanish-speakers in Latin American communities and we have teamed up with Citizens Advice Lewisham.
As we start this next lockdown phase going in to winter, many people will be needing to use their heating more but may also be less able to pay their bills. SELCE’s here to help.

You can also speak to us in Spanish – También puedes hablar con nosotros en español.

How to Refer Someone for Advice
If you would like to refer someone for an advice session through our South London Healthy Homes network:
Use this referral form:
Call: 0808 169 1779

SELCE’s Advice

What you can expect from SELCE this autumn and winter season until the end of March 2021:

  • Helping you to top up your meter whilst seld-isolating
  • Providing impartial advice on how to pay less for your electricity, gas and water
  • Providing energy and water debt advice
  • Supporting you to access grants or discounts you may be entitled to
  • Explaining how to reduce your energy use at home by making your house more energy-efficient
  • Connecting you to other sources of help you may need – such as Citizens Advice
  • Explaining how the government is supporting you with your energy bills during the Coronavirus epidemic

Debt Advice

SELCE has teamed up with Citizens Advice Lewisham to provide all-round debt advice. CAL will focus on developing long-term solutions to energy and other debt problems as well as helping with budgeting and access to benefits. SELCE and Groundwork London will provide advice on how to avoid falling into fuel and water debt by reducing energy costs and making homes more energy-efficient.

We’re Delivering Free Small Measures

We are delivering small energy-saving measures for free to resident’s homes. If you are over 65, on a low income, or have a long-term health condition or disability you can choose from a range of measures, such as energy-saving lightbulbs, radiator reflectors, and water-saving devices.

Connecting to Communities

We are working with community and health groups, as well as councilors, across SE London to let people know about our services. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to do a 5-minute shout out at an online event or meeting or provide a more in-depth 30-minute workshop.

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