On Saturday 21st September Selce celebrated its 5th birthday with a Salsa Solar’bration!

Each year the co-op’s members, directors, employees, volunteers and friends all meet up to discuss future plans, celebrate the progress of our renewable energy work and share ideas.

This year, once the AGM business was done, we pushed back the chairs and celebrated our fifth birthday with a salsa dance session at the White Swan in Charlton.

Our party venue.

Selce was set up by folk who wanted to take action on climate change and fuel poverty in the neighbourhood. Five years ago, it was just an idea sketched out on a flip chart by volunteers who had no conception of the scale of the challenge they were about to embark upon. We’ve come such a long way: seven schools have saved £23,386 whilst abating almost 200 tonnes of CO2. Over 2000 vulnerable households have benefited from advice that helps people stay warm and well in their homes. 150 low-income households have benefited from home energy improvements in turn reducing costs and emissions.

We’re about to launch our Future Fit Homes service providing support to residents who want to shrink their carbon footprint. What’s more, there is a new share offer coming up for seven further community-financed solar sites. In recognition of our innovative work Selce, was awarded the Renewable Energy Association Community Project of the Year 2019. 

We think that all of this is worth celebrating.

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