Vote for SELCE and get our ‘solar trailer’ on the road!

South East London Community Energy has come up with a wheely good idea.

We want to drive home the benefits of solar power with a specially-designed ‘solar trailer’ that can be used at local fairs, fun-days and festivals in Greenwich and Lewisham.


As well as providing free, clean energy, the trailer would be staffed by SELCE volunteers who could provide information about how solar works and the different ways it can be used.

The trailer will also give us a great opportunity to spread the word about our work on tackling fuel poverty and helping local primary schools to reduce their energy bills with solar power.

Help us to win the M&S Energy Competition so that we can build our trailer! To win we need you to vote for us so please follow this link

MandScompHave a look at our short presentation to see what our colourful, information-packed, solar trailer would look like.

Say goodbye to dirty, smelly diesel generators.

Give us the green light and vote for SELCE’s solar trailer.

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