SELCE receive business award from Greenwich Council

A warm welcome from the SELCE co-operative!

Almost exactly a year after SELCE came to life, three of our directors found themselves at Woolwich Town Hall receiving a business award from the mayor of Greenwich (and the leader of Greenwich council) for our innovative approach to using solar energy. It was a good evening. We even got a bunch of flower that matched our t-shirts.
SELCE with mayor
Photo credit: Brian Aldrich
Here we are with the other prize winners. It was great to be with so many people who are putting their energies into making communities in SE London more resilient. Following the presentation, the mayor said: ‘SELCE’s progress over its first year has been impressive and I am confident that the co-operative will make a big contribution to reducing fuel poverty and building strong communities in south east London.’
Selce with mayor 2
Photo credit: Brian Aldrich
The day after the civic awards ceremony, we joined thousands of people on the Time2Act climate march through central London.  It felt good to be offering a positive solar contribution to tackling the climate change as well as joining those who were campaigning against crazy government policies like fracking and nuclear energy. And, with all the sunshine we got, Alex was able to charge her phone using the mini solar panel on her backpack. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.
SELCE March 2015 2
Photo credit: Sandrine Vaconnet
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