SELCE commended by London Assembly’s green champion

SELCE has been commended for its success in raising funds to install solar panels on community buildings in SE London by the chair of the London Assembly’s environment committee.

Celebrating the success of its first fundraising project and launching a second similar project, SELCE held a special event in the central chamber of City Hall last Friday, thanks to the support of Len Duvall, assembly member for Greenwich and Lewisham.

Speaking at the event, Leonie Cooper, assembly member for Merton and Wandsworth (pictured top row, second from right) and chair of the London Assembly’s green group, praised SELCE’s determination to bring their project to life.

‘SELCE’s work is really inspiring,’ she said. ‘I am part of a renewable energy group in Wandsworth and we have really struggled. So, I am really impressed by SELCE’s success because I know exactly how difficult it can be to make these projects happen.’

The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was unable to attend SELCE’s event at City Hall but he sent a message to the co-operative wishing them ‘every success for the launch and with your future initiatives and endeavours’.Group City Hall

Last year SELCE raised £250,000 to install solar arrays on four local primary schools (two in Lewisham and two in Greenwich). All four arrays have been installed and SELCE is now aiming to raise another £140,000 to provide arrays for a further three schools and a social club in the boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark. Please see our ‘invest’ tab for further details.

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