Hire the Solar Roller

The Solar Roller is a solar-powered generator that supports a fume-free, silent PA system to replace dirty, noisy, diesel generators at outdoor events.


  • Portable solar panels for community events, music festivals and outdoor parties
  • No noise
  • No carbon emission
  • No fuel costs
  • Operational in few minutes
  • Up to eight hours’ running time even without sunlight
  • Provides power to remote locations, community events, music festivals, outdoor parties/events
  • Powers lights, sound systems, bouncy castles, small wedding tents and music stages

The unit is operational within minutes and is 100% reliable. In the absence of sunlight it is powered by a pre-charged battery (4*Rolls batteries 4000 Series S605 with battery capacity of 5kWh).

Options for hire are:

OPTION 1: Solar Roller with Basic Selce Sound Kit.

Ideal if for playing recorded music and using a mic to address the crowd. This is also the option to go for if you would like to power a project or other equipment. Great for use in remote locations like fields or parks.

OPTION 2: Solar Roller PLUS the Selce Supercharged Sound Kit.

This includes a full sound desk and technician. It’s the best option if you have a line-up of live bands your event.

OPTION 3: Solar roller plus ‘Energy Fun’ energy education.

Ideal for community events, Selce’s “Watts Around You?” Energy Roadshow provides games and fun activities for all the family. The roadshow explains:

  • How the solar roller works
  • How to save money and energy at home
  • How to go renewable and become energy efficient

The Roadshow is staffed by a qualified domestic energy efficiency expert and the Solar Roller will be delivered and set up by the Selce team.

FREE Wifi will also be provided.

To find out more please email Giovanna@selce.org.uk or call 020 8269 4882

Technical information:

Solar generation (on 50A circuit breaker)

  • 6 x Shanghai Electric 175W panels, total array capacity of 1050W
  • Connected via a Victron 100-50 Bluesolar MPPT charge controller
  • Able to deliver approx 40A charging current at peak power generation

Discharge time with the following continuous loads; 50% D.o.D.
500W (20A) 11 hours | 1000W (40A) 4.5 hours | 1500W (60A) 2.5 hours | 2000W (80A) 1.5 hours


  •  Solar Input: 1050W
  • Effective Battery Capacity: 7.5kWh
  • 4 x Rolls 4000 Series S605
  • Battery bank nominal voltage: 24V
  • Battery bank capacity: 450Ah (20 hour discharge)
  • 3kVA Pure Sine Wave Primary Inverter
  • 350VA Pure Sine Wave Secondary Inverter
  • Solar input and power output data is uploaded to an online portal in real time, allowing anyone to access and monitor the trailer’s performance on their phone or computer
  • Integrated with LCD control interface displays all system activity and performance using an intuitive and easily accessible visual display

Book now!Giovanna@selce.org.uk or call: 020 8269 4882