Powering the energy transition in SE London

Our solar sites

Photo: Adam Pope

So far, Selce has installed solar arrays on eleven community sites including seven local schools, two leisure centers, a church and an hotel linked with an innovative community sculpture. 

Selce’s timeline:

Schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

  • December 2015: Mulgrave Primary School in Woolwich became our first solar partner when we installed a 49.5kWp solar array
  • July 2016: Charlton Park Academy gets a 49.5kW array. The school supports children with special educational needs and the array will help to reduce the costs of heating its physiotherapy pool
  • September 2016: Bannockburn Primary School in Plumstead High Street has a 29kWp solar array installed
  • September 2016: Deansfield Primary School in Eltham gets a 49.5kWp solar array. This array is unusual because the panels face both south and east/west
  • October 2016Alderwood Primary School, the sister school to Deansfield, has a 49.5kWp solar array fitted.

Schools in London Borough of Lewisham

  • December 2015: Ashmead Primary School becomes the first school in Lewisham to benefit from Selce’s 49.5 kW array
  • December 2015: Horniman Primary School is poised to benefit particularly well from a 49.5kWp array because it sits on top of Forest Hill, above the famous museum of the same name.

Other Sites

  • February 2020: The large sunny roof of Thamesmere Leisure Centre now sports a 29kWp solar array providing power for an 80-station gym, studio for fitness classes, 25m fitness pool, a shallow teaching pool, crèche, and library. 
  • February 2020: Coldharbour Leisure Centre is a hub for outdoor sports. The 29kWp solar array provides power for the centers 55-station gym, changing rooms café, and crèche.
  • March 2020: Open 6 days a week, St Lukes Church provides a place of worship and a center for activities for everyone in Downham from toddlers to pensioners. The large sunny roof now hosts 29kWp solar array.
  • March 2020: The Intercontinental Ballroom and Aluna: A group of artists, architects,  and engineers are working to create a major new landmark for London that aims to reconnect the public with the natural rhythms of our ocean planet. Aluna will be the world’s largest Moon and Tide Clock and will be located at 0° longitude on the Greenwich Peninsula waterfront, where time and tide meet. The 147kWp solar array hosted by the Intercontinental Hotel has been installed to power the moon clock

These projects are owned by our 252 investor members.

Each year the arrays collectively generate 487,326 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity annually

Over the 20-year lifetime of the project, these installations will:

  • save nearly 7 million metric tons of CO2 emissions
  • save the site owners more than £300,000
  • provide a fund of over £180,000 to develop our work on reducing fuel poverty.
The launch of Selce’s panels at Mulgrave School in Woolwich was attended by the Mayor of Greenwich, MP Matthew Pennycook and Assembly Member Len Duvall.
Photo: Selim Korycki.