New share offer coming soon…..

Selce is aiming to launch its fourth share offer in the Spring of 2022. We are currently conducting feasibility studies on a whole host of new solar PV and LED lighting retrofit sites, with the aims of continuing our carbon saving work, and soon you will be able to be a part of the movement.

To find out more about our previous share offers, and what “community energy” is, visit our “Solar for SE London” page. Here you can also have a look at the projects we have already completed. All our investors get a share in Selce, which means you have a say in how we are run and the future of clean energy in South East London.

If you are interested in investing, please email our CEO, Dr Giovanna Speciale to be added to our ‘alert list:

You can also check out our previous share offer documents below, to get an idea about the work we do.

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