The hidden scandal of fuel povery

It’s a shocking statistic. In a wealthy city like London, more than 50,000 households (15.2%) are ‘fuel poor’; meaning that they cannot afford to pay for the electricity and gas to heat their homes.

Our experience at Selce has shown that, with the right kind of help, households can slash their energy bills by accessing grants and discounts to reduce bills and getting help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

We run programs for community groups or voluntary organisations who want to host a project in their local area that will provide practical support and guidance for those living in fuel poverty. Our community energy practitioners have won awards for their pioneering work in tackling energy inequalities.

Our sessions cover the fundamentals of planning, funding, and delivering an effective fuel poverty alleviation project.

Session 1:

  • What is fuel poverty? – official definitions and the lived experience.
  • What are the interventions into fuel poverty that an advisor can support clients with (energy and water market engagement, debt advice, light measures, grant funding for major measures, advocacy, advice about smart metering, white goods applications)
  • Types of projects that support those in fuel poverty (workshops, energy cafes, home visits, champion projects, hybrid partnership projects). The pros and cons of these types of projects
  • Community outreach and identifying those in fuel poverty.
  • Ways of funding a project (The Big Energy Saving Network, local funds, utility and industry funders, tender responses)

Session 2:

  • Does it fit with your groups mission and values
  • Competitor analysis and geographical incidence of fuel poverty
  • Requisite policies, procedures, insurances
  • Gettting the requisite qualifications, skills and experience
  • Data collection and data management
  • Feeling YOUR way: top tips for identifying the best way to meet need in your community.

For more information contact Giovanna on: 0204 506-6752

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