John Ball School Shines Bright

Towards the end of 2020, we worked with John Ball School alongside our friends at Sustainable Energy 24 to convert some of their classrooms to new LED lighting. The project received grant funding from Lewisham Council through their new Lewisham Community Energy Fund, which means the school won’t have to pay back any of the costs!

John Ball School is a primary school in Blackheath, with over 600 students. They had previously converted a number of the classrooms and main areas, including their new buildings, to LED lighting, so they knew well the great carbon savings, energy savings and benefits that LEDs bring to the light levels and comfort in classrooms.

John Ball had a number of lights that were using lamps with different temperatures (some warm-yellow, and others bright white which tend to have a blue tinge). In some rooms, LUX levels were very low (below 300 lux in some rooms), which means that the lights weren’t bright enough to allow people to work in there comfortably – and especially without causing eye strain when using computers. Other lights were flickering on and took some time to turn on. These are all problems solved with LED lights, in addition to using much less energy.

We helped John Ball School change the lighting in their music block and year 6 classrooms, which meant fitting 151 new lights. We also looked at their emergency lighting to make sure each classroom is safe should people need to exit quickly and when the power goes out.

“The rooms look so much better. Thank you for your hard work to get this project to completion, especially during the current situation with the pandemic.”

James Powles, Premises officer at John Ball School

We would like to give a special thanks to the “Friends of John Ball” Parent-Teachers Association members, who helped get this project up and running. We would also like to thank Electrical Power Solutions UK for completing the installation to a high standard, and the team at John Ball School, especially James Powels the premises officer.

If you are interested in getting LED lighting in your school, community buildings or leisure centre get in touch with our project manager Nadia Smith, on – or find out more about our “LED-ing The Way!” program here to share with your organisation.

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