Election claim re. Ray Barron-Woolford

One of the candidates standing for election in the Brockley ward, Lewisham, is Ray Barron-Woolford. A local election leaflet published by a group called We Care 4U, of which Ray is a part, claims that an earlier project run by Ray in 2014, ‘set up a not-for-profit energy company with local residents, whose 3 share offers have now raised over 1 million pounds.’ 

The board of South East London Community Energy (Selce) would like to make the following clarifications:

Ray was not the originator of the idea to set up a local community energy co-operative nor has he ever been on Selce’s board of directors.

Selce was established in 2014 by a group of local residents who volunteered their time and skills, (some almost full-time) in 2014-15. Ray attended approximately a quarter of the meetings during this period.

Ray provided the venue for one of our first community consultations. His organisation, the We Care Food Bank, was also kind enough to loan us £500 for set-up costs.

Ray played a small role in raising awareness about our energy cafes and our first community share offer with activities such handing out leaflets.

Since 2015, Ray has had no role within Selce and he has not played any significant part in organising the fundraising for the £500,000-worth of solar arrays we have installed on local community buildings.

Much as we would like to have raised the £1 million mentioned in the We Care 4U leaflet, we have not reached this target so far.

Selce is not, and never has been, aligned with any political party. We are a diverse organisation and we continue to work with all those who share our values and objectives to reduce fuel poverty and tackle climate change.

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