Publishing guidelines

Remember: think about who will read this?

Most people see webpages on their phone or small screen tablet but we usually work at a desktop PC to prepare and publish so don’t forget to check published posts on smaller screens.

Pages are used to structure key concepts and help with navigation. The menu lists pages that relate to each other.

Posts describe initiatives and report on activities. Posts that are appropriately categorised and tagged can be more easily searched and sorted.

Each post needs a featured image (used for the slider) a short title (presented in the slider over featured image) concise text with sub titles and complimentary images.

Selce style sheet

Use Selce not SELCE. Refer to the co-op in the singular i.e. ‘Selce is…’ not ‘Selce are….’ This is because, as a co-op Selce is, appropriately enough, a collective noun and takes the singular form.  

However, you can simply say ‘We are…’ if you want to make the text less formal.

Bullet points: leave out full stops until the end of the last bullet point.

Titles: Use capital letter for first word and then keep to lower case. 

Media Library

Jpg and PNG formatted images can be uploaded and included in any page or post. WordPress resamples imported images into a set of small medium and large versions as well as allowing for the original to be embedded. PDF and other publishing formats can also be stored in the media library. (Word and Excel documents are not publishing formats) Audio and video files can also be uploaded or embedded from other systems (eg. youtube and soundcloud)  

Additional information

Published articles and images on other websites can be embedded into posts and pages but it’s worth remembering these can vanish without warning leaving a hole! We can also link or embed pages and posts from within Selce website into new posts. See the embeded post here>>

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