Carbon Conversations: hosted by SELCE! Starting 16th September

Carbon Conversations

You up for a bit of values based lifestyle shift?

Join our 2 wonderful facilitators for a series of 6 friendly, practical groups that help you face climate change and chose what steps you want to make to shift to a lower carbon higher enjoyment lifestyle. Carbon reductions of 1 tonne CO2 are typically made by each member during the course, with plans developed to halve individual footprints over a 4-5 year period.

One of The Guardian’s “20 ideas that could save the world”.

What is Carbon Conversations?

Carbon Conversations Groups offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint.  They deal with the difficulties of change by connecting to values, emotions and identity. The groups are based on a psychological understanding of how people change.

Groups of 6-8 members meet with trained facilitators in homes, community centres, workplaces or other venues. The 6 meetings create a non-judgmental atmosphere where people are encouraged to make lifestyle changes. The groups offer:

  • reliable, well-researched information and practical guidance on what will make a difference
  • space for people to explore what climate change means for themselves, their families and their aspirations
  • support in creating a personal plan for change

The meetings use professionally designed, reliable materials to cover climate change basics, ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption.

Discussions of practicalities are woven together with discussions of what these changes mean personally.

This course is free but there is a £20 cost to buy the workbook and Ro Randall’s book “In Time For Tomorrow” for each participant.

We will then meet every other Friday for a total of 6 weeks.

Unit 6 Greenwich Centre Business Park – 53 Norman Road, Greenwich, se10 9qf

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