The Solar Roller

Hire our portable solar-powered sound system for your community event, music festivals or outdoor party


  • No noise
  • No carbon emission
  • No fuel costs
  • Operational in few minutes
  • Up to 8 hours run time in the absence of sunlight (due to 4*Rolls batteries 4000 Series S605 with effective battery capacity 5kWh)
  • Provides power for lights, sound systems, bouncy castles, small wedding tents, music stages

Solar generation (on 50A circuit breaker)

  • 6 x Shanghai Electric 175W panels, total array capacity of 1050W
  • Connected via a Victron 100-50 Bluesolar MPPT charge controller
  • Able to deliver approx 40A charging current at peak power generation

Discharge time with the following continuous loads; 50% D.o.D.
500W (20A) 11 hours | 1000W (40A) 4.5 hours | 1500W (60A) 2.5 hours | 2000W (80A) 1.5 hours


  • Solar Input: 1050W
  • Effective Battery Capacity: 7.5kWh
  • 4 x Rolls 4000 Series S605
  • Battery bank nominal voltage: 24V
  • Battery bank capacity: 450Ah (20 hour discharge)
  • 3kVA Pure Sine Wave Primary Inverter
  • 350VA Pure Sine Wave Secondary Inverter

Useful extras:

  • Solar input and power output data is uploaded to an online portal in real time, allowing monitoring of the trailer’s performance via phone or computer
  • An LCD control interface displays all system activity and performance using an easy-to-use visual display.

Please book early

Demand for the Solar Roller is high in the summer months