Future Fit Homes

A greener home for a cleaner London

Future Fit Homes aims to empower local people to improve the energy efficiency of homes in SE London. This service caters to homeowners and privately renting residents of Bexley, Bromley, Southwark, Greenwich and Lewisham, and we can offer remote services for the whole of London.

We are offering a number of energy advice services which can support you to:

  • reduce your carbon footprint (e.g. boiler replacement or loft insulation)
  • increase the value of your property
  • make your home more climate-resilient
  • make your home healthier, (reducing illness from cold and damp)
  • benefit from potentially large energy bill savings
  • help the SE London community and support local people  living in fuel poverty

If you would like to get in touch, please contact futurefithomes@selce.org.uk

Good for your community

Future Fit Homes is a social enterprise supporting local people and social enterprises. Any financial surplus will help to subsidise a similar home energy improvements service for local households living in fuel poverty. Your project will contribute towards a wider reduction of carbon from homes across SE London, so you can feel great about your home energy improvements helping those in need AND the planet too!

Speaking of which…If you know someone living in a low-income household who could benefit from free or heavily subsidised home energy improvements, please do get in touch. Find out more about eligibility criteria here.

Making homes more energy efficient is essential to improving the quality of existing housing stock, given that  80% of the homes in which we will be living in 2050 have already been built (ref IET Report Retrofit 2050). 

The full range of Future Fit Homes services includes:

  • 1-1 advice service
    • can be done in the home or remotely
    • you will be advised by a trained retrofit assessor or retrofit coordinator
    • tackle any of your burning issues, from what type of heating you should put in your new loft conversion, to which insulation is both within your budget & will save you the most on your energy bills
  • Thermal Imaging Report
    • Find out exactly where your home is leaking heat with a colour coded video of your home
    • get a summary report and your video on a USB stick
    • be talked through what you’re seeing by our trained retrofit coordinator
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    • rate your home from A to G on its energy efficiency
    • get a nationally recognised certificate (required for all properties for sale or to let)
    • see recommendations and estimated prices, and how much you could save in carbon and on your energy bills
  • FREE EcoFurb Plan Builder tool
    • just enter your address, and click through your preferences
    • get recommendations straight from your laptop of the top measures for you and your budget
    • take that plan away and do some DIY, or register with EcoFurb to have your works done (and managed by a retrofit coordinator) if your works cost over £10,000
  • DIY workshops
    • All you need to know about domestic heat pumps
    • All you need to know about domestic Solar PV
    • All you need to know about insulation and basic energy efficiency retrofit
    • All you need to know about DIY draughtproofing
    • Meetups
    • and more!

If you would like to get in touch, contact futurefithomes@selce.org.uk