We can help.

This year we are providing tailored support for anyone struggling financially as a result of the Covid Crisis. Selce provides advice over the phone on all matters relating to problems with gas and electricity providers while our partners at Citizen’s Advice Lewisham provide phone-based guidance on managing general financial problems and ensuring clients have access to all the benefits they are entitled to.

Our experience has shown that more households are facing fuel debt following the pandemic. We know that fuel debt is often accompanied by other types of debt and can have far reaching effects on physical and mental health. So far we have supported 274 households, many of whom are experiencing fuel debt for the first time.

One of our energy advisors, Bilqis,has made this short video to explain how fuel debt can be managed.

Our project is run in partnership with: Citizen’s Advice Lewisham, Groundwork London and Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

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