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Community Shares in Selce

An investment in Selce is a different kind of investment. True, like other investments, it’s a financial one but it’s different in three ways:

  • We aim to pay a return on your investment that’s currently better than most high street savings accounts or ISAs.
  • We will pay back your initial investment after 20 years.
  • You’ll be investing in a different energy future for South-East London. It’s an investment in a sustainable, community-owned energy infrastructure that is helping to build a fairer, greener energy future for everyone.

The directors of Selce have designed projects to minimize risk to our members. However as with all investments, withdrawable shares can lose some, or all, of their value as they are not protected by the government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Minimum investment per member: £250

Maximum investment per member: £20,000

Return on investment

On the basis of our financial modelling, we are able to offer an average annual share payment that is normally 3-4% of your initial investment. Our technical and financial teams have worked hard to generate a prediction of the performance of our solar arrays that is as accurate as it can possibly be.

For a variety of reasons, solar panels may perform better or worse than we predict. The annual dividend calculation is our best guess at an annual share payment. Selce is a co-operative organisation and therefore the amount of interest will be determined collectively by all of the member-investors at our annual general meetings.


When you buy Selce shares you become a member of the co-operative. In accordance with cooperative principals, all decisions are made on the basis of one member one vote, regardless of the size of shareholding. All members can stand for election to the board of directors. Becoming a Selce shareholder is therefore an invitation to get involved as much (or as little) as you like.

Selce investors are invited to the annual general meeting, receive newsletter updates and have lots of opportunities to feed into the organisation.


Withdrawable shares

Shares in Selce are ‘withdrawable’ not ‘transferable’ shares. They are different to shares you may have in public or other private companies. By law, you are not able to sell or otherwise transfer your investment and the project has been designed to encourage long-term investment. 

Members can apply to withdraw funds after three years, at the discretion of the board. However, subject to funds being available, a provision for withdrawal of shares is in place -through an application to the board of directors (180 days’ notice is required and applications can only be made after the first three years of the project).

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