Powering the energy transition in SE London

The full story

The South East London Community Energy co-operative was formed in February 2014 by a group of people living in Greenwich and Lewisham. As individuals, we were strongly aware of the need to tackle climate change and move to low carbon energy.

Selce’s community shares a common vision of a sustainable future where energy is owned and governed by the people who use it. Just as importantly, we know that we must reach a sustainable energy future that eradicates fuel poverty.

Our renewable energy projects work to:

  • Identify sites (such as schools, community centres or churches) that could benefit from low-cost renewable energy.
  • Raise money to cover the cost of the installation through a ‘community share offer’ where those who invest become members of the co-operative. Anyone can be an investor. The minimum is £250 and the maximum is £20,000.
  • Sell clean electricity to the ‘solar partners’ with surplus electricity going to the national grid for the feed-in tariff  ‘FIT’. (government subsidy for those who generate renewable energy)
  • Maintain, repair and insure the solar arrays and to reward investors with annual interest payments. (normally 3-4%) We also commit to repaying investments within 20 years.
  • Support our initiatives to end fuel poverty in SE London.

You can listen to the full Selce story in an interview with chair Camilla Berens and local radio journalist Sam White.

Find out more about how it works on this short video. If you would like to propose a building that could benefit from community-finance solar power, click here.

Selce’s directors works in sub-committees to ensure transparency, accountability and the progression of our vision.

The result is a virtuous circle. Our solar partners reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint with expert technical support. our investor-members get a modest return on their investment and the feel-good factor of supporting a pioneering scheme for renewable community energy.