Powering the energy transition in SE London

Aims and values

Our Values

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, clean energy. Selce collaborates with local residents, businesses and organisations to  develop financially, socially and environmentally sustainable projects that increase energy efficiency, produce locally-generated renewable energy and accelerate the transition to a low carbon future.

For this transition to be effective, we must focus on eradicating fuel poverty. Any surplus we generate from our community energy projects is ploughed back into projects that help people who are in danger of falling into the fuel poverty trap.

Our Aims

  • Generate renewable and affordable energy in south-east London that will mitigate climate change and accelerate the transition to zero-carbon, decentralised electricity systems.
  • Build an economically sustainable business model that has a core focus on social responsibility and affordable energy provision.
  • Provide tangible improvements to the financial situation of those living in fuel poverty in SE London.
  • Give organisations that provide valued community services in SE London access to affordable, renewable energy – thereby reducing the burden of escalating energy costs.