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SELCE launches price comparison site

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If you’re thinking about switching to a better energy deal, you might want to use SELCE’s price comparison site. Our experience as energy advisors suggests that, if you haven’t switched in the last 12 months, doing so will almost certainly save you around £200 – or possibly more.

Our new webpage provides quotes from all approved energy providers and each time the site is used, SELCE receives a donation. It would be great if you could send the link to your friends and family as well. This income will go towards our fuel poverty work.

You can go directly to our price comparison site here:

SELCE energy comparison page

If you live in London, you may be interested in the the Big London Energy Switch. If you join one of the local council schemes involved in the Switch, you can save money on your bills through ‘collective bargaining’ with other energy users in your area.

More details can be found here:

Big London Energy Switch

Who benefits

• The schools and community centres, who are our solar partners, benefit from reduced energy bills

• The shareholders benefit from annual interest payments of around 4-5% (and they get their investment money back in full after 20 years)

• SELCE benefits from government payments that are given to organisations which generate renewable energy (feed-in tariffs).

• SE Londoners paying more than 10% of their income on energy bills benefit from SELCE’s initiatives to help reduce their bills and stay warm. These initiatives will be funded by any profits we make from the feed-in tariffs.

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