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We’re recruiting for ‘Parent Power’ project

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Do you know anyone who would be interested in working on a part-time project for SELCE? The co-op has been awarded funding from the Energy People Trust for ‘Parent Power’, an innovative programme that will identify families in extreme fuel poverty and provide them with tailored, peer-­led assistance.

The Parent Power project will provide support to 150 families who use the children’s centre services in Woolwich. The idea is to recruit a team of parents to become ‘energy champions’. These champions will receive a professional qualification that will equip them with the skills to give energy advice. Champions will work with families who have been identified as being at risk of fuel poverty by Children’s Centre staff and will provide support to them at home.

We are now recruiting a project manager to lead this initiative. We’re looking for someone who is experienced in providing energy advice, initiating energy saving measures in the home and working with volunteers. If you are interested, or you know anyone who might be interested, contact giovanna@selce.org.uk  Full details of the role can be found here:

Parent Power Project Manager