South East London Community Energy (SELCE) was formed in February 2014 by a group of Greenwich and Lewisham residents. We all shared a vision of a low carbon society in which everyone has access to a type of sustainable energy provision that could meet their needs and give them a voice in how that energy is produced.

We formed SELCE as a vehicle for taking action in a locally-focused way.

We were inspired by the rapid growth in the past five years of what has collectively become known as ‘energy co-operatives’. Energy co-ops are organisations formed by members of the community that identify suitable locations and install micro-renewable generation facilities, raising finance for the installations through community share offers.

South East London Community Energy (SELCE) is the trading name of South East London Community Energy Ltd which is registered as a Community Benefit Society under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (Society number 32417).

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