Welcome to South East London Community Energy. Selce is a not-for-profit co-operative that is helping to bring more renewable energy to Greenwich and Lewisham.

Our projects aim to combat climate change and develop cleaner, fairer ways of producing electricity. We’re doing this by generating renewable energy that is owned and run by the people who use it.

We’re also helping people who are currently struggling to keep their homes warm in winter by providing advice and support through our pop-up energy advice cafes.

Watch our video here to find out how we have raised £360,000 to install solar arrays on seven local primary schools

What's new?

Come to SELCE’s Annual General Meeting
7 – 9.30pm on Tuesday 4th September 2018

Mycenae House
90 Mycenae Road

We’ll be in Room 10 on the first floor

Mycenae House is just 7 minutes’ walk from Westcombe Park Station. For directions see http://www.mycenaehouse.co.uk/directions.html

Community energy is about putting YOU, at the heart of a transition to a fair, low carbon energy system. We would love you to come and

  • learn about our work to promote community-owned renewable energy, to provide advice and support to the most vulnerable in our community and to promote energy efficiency
  • participate in all the formal business of the society
  • join our roundtable discussions and give us your thoughts and feedback on all our areas of work

If you can come, please let us know by clicking here https://selceagm.eventbrite.co.uk



Our work and values

To provide tangible improvements to the financial situation of those living in fuel poverty in SE London. These benefits could include providing cheaper, co-operatively managed electricity or the financing of programmes that promote energy efficiency and related methods of improving health and wellbeing.

To generate renewable and affordable energy in SE London that will mitigate climate change and accelerate the transition to zero-carbon, decentralised, electricity provision for our community.

To build an economically sustainable business model that: aspires to provide a competitive return on investment compared with savings account interest; is resilient to changes in government policy; and which has a core focus on social responsibility and affordable energy provision.